It is not easy to notice warning signs on your roof without knowing what you are looking for. Call Magnum Gutters and Roofing today for a free consultation if you can spot or suspect any of the warning signs listed below. Or, let one of our professionals come out and give you a free roof analysis just to be on the safe side.

Learn the Warning Signs of a Troubled Roof

Roofing Risks

If your roof is more than 15 years old, or if it shows any of these warning signs, you may already have a problem.

Ceiling Spots


  • Caused by leaks in roof
  • Check attic or crawlspace for leaks in deck
  • Check chimney and vents for cracks in flashing
  • Check rafters for leaks that travel away from original source
  • Check roof for damaged shingles

Damaged Flashing


  • Caused by improper installation
  • Caused by drying and cracking
  • Can usually be repaired without replacing roof



  • Caused by moisture in shingles
  • Caused by excessive use of asphalt plastic cement

Algae Growth


  • Caused by growth of airborne algae deposited on roof
  • Unsightly appearance does not affect the service life of the material
  • Common problem in warm, humid climates
  • Algae resistant shingles available regionally

Missing Granules


  • On newly applied shingles, a certain number of loose granules is normal
  • On aging shingles, missing granules indicate need for replacement



  • Caused by absorption of moisture by mat at the core of the shingle
  • Common problem with organic-based shingles.

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