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We have the tools and equipment to install a long list of different products.

Gutters: Both five and six inch all aluminum and always seamless. This type is your typical k style you see most often. There are also selections of specialty gutters we do as well. Half round, round downspout, box gutter, conductor boxes, box pipe, and pretty much any other gutter available, we can do as well. These gutters also come in steel and copper.

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Metal roofing: There are several different kinds of metal roofing to choose from and many different colors. The kind we do most often is a three foot wide, corrugated lapping panel that is fastened into one by four nailer strips installed first by screws that have a neoprene gasket. Another kind of metal roof we do is known as a standing seam roof. Its panels are usually sixteen inches wide with a one inch tall vertical seam that clips to the roof under the next panel. This style roof when installed by us has no revealed fasteners. We are also good at creating custom flashing to ensure coverage in even the trickiest areas.

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Shingle roofing: We are the premier roofing company here in the Metro Area. We offer an unparalleled choice of shingles for your home. From 25 year to lifetime! Please call us to find out how we can help you transform your home's exterior.

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First we set up an appointment with you to come out and have a look at what needs to take place. At the appointment, we get the measurements we need to appropriately estimate the cost of the job. We also carry samples of our products and can present it to you at that time. Once the representative has gathered the appropriate information and answered any questions, the details are then reviewed to establish a price and projected date of execution. If the customer is happy with the price suggested, a second appointment is set to sign an agreement that will specify payment arrangements, and other details. After these steps have been completed, the customer should expect the crew to show up at the job on the agreed upon date to complete the job according to the contract. Your representative will be present at the time of installation and always available throughout the entire process. Usually, a one year warranty is granted for the work done and if there are any problems with anything it will be promptly assessed and resolved. When these steps are executed properly, your job will always be a success.

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